Vantage Point Solutions Client William B.

Working with Michele helped me to transition from labor and retail work into my first real job out of college. We met weekly to do custom resumes, job seeking and applications, and to prepare for upcoming interviews. She often encouraged me to be out in the community and took me to many hiring events. She was patient and understanding about my anxieties around finding the right job. After several months of hard work, follow ups, and interviews, I accepted a position with the California Parks and Recreation Dept. It is my ideal job and I am so happy. Instead of pushing me into the first available job, she took the time to get to know me and my strengths. I now know how to get a job, so even if this does not work out, I know how to get another job – Kyle S

Before I met Michele I was quite shy and my disability had got ahold of me. I was slow to write my resume and even slower to follow up. Michele was there for me always giving me drive and enthusiasm to do more. Before I knew it I had four interviews in a week, all in the field of my interest. Which in turn got me the job that I am working at today. I am an Accountant for a local non-profit. I love my job. Now I can get up in the morning and feel like I have purpose again. – Matt P

Being a 72 year old female with Parkinson’s, re-entering the workforce was a difficult transition. However, Michele made me feel that it was something that I could accomplish. They were both professional and compassionate as well as encouraging. I am thankful and I feel blessed that I had them on my team and was able to be aided by their experience and expertise. – Connie G

Michele has been very helpful in my search for meaningful employment. Providing support and understanding my situation and doing their utmost to assist me to find what will be most beneficial to myself and the prospective client/employer. Their knowledge, and ability to give new thoughts and ideas for vocational possibilities is invaluable and very much appreciated. They also bring humour and caring to our time together. Highly recommend them.   ~ Pride P