Partnership Advantages

Why Partner with Vantage Point

Primary Resources

– Qualified and Vetted Applicants

-Financial Incentives – Free Job Coaching and Tax Benefits

-Education and Training of Employee

-Pre-Screening of Applicants

-Ongoing Support Services

-Real Time response to needs – Will have the “tough” conversations if issues arise

Secondary Resources

-Expertise and Insight

-Determining an applicants skills as cost-saving or profit ventures

-Occupations across Industries

-Job Accommodations

-Operations of other businesses include hiring, training, recruitment and supervisory methods

-Assessment and Evaluation Techniques

-Interviewing Methods

-Job Task Analysis Methods

-Building “Natural Supports” In the work environment for people with special needs

The Employer

Provide Primary Resources of:

-Employment Opportunities

-Job Interviews

-Training Opportunities

-Informational Interviews

-Work Experience

-Job Shadowing

-Apprenticeship & Mentorship

Provide Secondary Resources of:

-Industry Epertise and Insight

-Feedback and Advice regarding Applicant Placement

-Business Tours

-Monthly Job Listings

-Feedback on Resumes

-Refer into Other Employers

Added Benefits:

Sit on an Advisory Board – Speak to a class