Employment Services Description


This is a detailed appointment typically ranging from 60-120 minutes long. This allows the opportunity for the Job Developer to learn more about the individual. We communicate with the client to discover their individual goals, past experiences, and motivational factors. If they have a resume, we review that too. We explain how the program they have been approved for works. If both the individual and the Job Developer feels that their goals are attainable, we move forward with signing all the the required intake forms. And lastly, we setup weekly or monthly appointments to get started. In this meeting the client leaves with our Consumer Handbook, access to our web-based portal, and a copy of our Time to Shine Curriculum.

Employment Preparation:

This is when we get to work through our web-based application to assign tasks and gain insight on goals, interests, etc. We created the “Time to Shine” Program to help guide us through finding the best fitting employment. Employment Prep is typically 5-8 hours of time dedicated to various tasks including resume development, interview practice and preparation, teaching job skills, discussing the importance of getting in  front of employers, teaching the individual how to actively job search in the community rather than behind a  computer screen, and narrow down what our job focus is going to be. By the end of employment preparation sessions, we should have a motivated and confident job seeker, ready to start applications with a fresh resume and strong interviewing skills. They build and practice their elevator pitch and are job seeking ready.


Placement services occur once a client has completed the Employment Preparation service and is ready to start actively applying for jobs in the community. We spend time every week gathering leads and applying for jobs both in person and online. At this point we have already created job seeking profiles, so we begin completing applications within the sites. Then we support the individual in prepping for interviews. Once they have received a job offer, we assist them in paperwork and onboarding processes.


Retention lasts for three months. It includes the individual and Job Developer communicating on a weekly or monthly basis (individual cases vary) to ensure everything is going satisfactory in their new role. If needed, we provide our clients with ongoing support and advocating beyond the three months. Our goal is to provide the individual with the knowledge that they are supported during this transition. After three months of gainful employment, the client has successfully completed our program. During Placement and Employment Prep we have shared all sorts of helpful advice and completed activities to ensure they are supported and do well in their new role.

Short Term Support

Short Term Support aka Job Coaching is available for client’s that need support in their new or existing positions. This consists of a Job Developer spending a specific amount of hours with the client to help them with any job related tasks like paperwork, learning the job, training, communications with management, social related issues, etc. The idea of the short term support is providing the client with hands on support on the job, so they can retain the position more effectively.