About Us

Vantage Point Inc. was created to spark social change by increasing the integration of people with disabilities into meaningful jobs in the community. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are a vendor of the Department of Rehabilitation of the State of California. We were created out of a need for really unique employment services, connecting people with huge amounts of potential, skills, and drive with employers in the community. This is a highly specialized program designed for individuals with disabilities that are seeking to gain modern day job seeking skills and most importantly, paid positions in the community. We partnered with internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and author, Denise Bissonette, to create a training program for both our staff and our clients. We also have our own web based app that allows for clients to complete our “Time to Shine” Program, which allows them to discover their goals and interests and leads them to finding their dream career/industry. We build strong relationships with local companies, big and small, to gain opportunities otherwise not available for our clients.

At Vantage Point Inc. we take the time to get to thoroughly know our clients and build rapport. It is crucial for us to understand where they came from, where they are now, and where they want to be. Understanding their strengths, passions, and hobbies enables us to guide them toward positions in which their strengths and interests coincide. Our clients participate in our comprehensive program designed to guide them to what they truly want, a job that allows them to be included in their community, feel a sense of purpose, and most importantly, to know they can support themselves.

The difference between Vantage Point Inc. and other vendors providing vocational services, is our Time to Shine Program in which we ensure the skills are being retained and can be used for the rest of the client’s life. We have designed a web based app that allows for the client to complete weekly training programs that vary from Ted Talks to reading articles and testing their vocational knowledge. Our strong business ties include a variety of companies, ranging from 24 Hour Fitness, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Starbucks, ViaSat, City of Carlsbad, Broken Token, City of Oceanside, grocery stores, theatres, Neighborhood Healthcare, and many more. Vantage Point commits to an experience for our clients that will teach and transfer the fundamental skills for them to be successful in attaining and retaining meaningful employment.